20 Inspiring Instant Site stores Examples: Sell Anything from Apparel to Art



Meet BraveBrew, an innovative beer company. Not only did they use Instant Site to create a stunning multilingual online store, but they also made over €2K before launching just with pre-orders!

Hiriwā Digital Art

Discover a store offering stunning eco-friendly artwork that draws inspiration from the flora and fauna of New Zealand and Australia. They support New Zealand small businesses and contribute to preserving the environment.


Check out this content-rich multilingual online store Edifis, selling bathrooms, sanitary ware, and kitchens. You can make your Instant Site multilingual, too! 


Discover a selection of original artwork and books by Natalia Shaloshvili. We don't know about you, but this cozy place transports us back to childhood.

Exposure Photography

Exposure Photography is a website of photographer Emilio Sierra where people can check out customer reviews and schedule a photoshoot

Earthy Eatzz

Earthy Eatzz is for sweet tooths who crave nutritious options packed with natural whole foods. You'll love their online store if you are a fan of gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based options.


A local Latvian online store that sells high-quality tea grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. 

Tropicouture Plants

Tropicouture Plants, an online store based in Canada, offers unusual and rare tropical plants to all plant enthusiasts. By the way, the store owners Jason and Christian shared how they manage their Ecwid store on mobile in our blog.

JD Gym Equipped

This family business specializes in high-end gym equipment and general custom fabrication. "Equipment your grandchildren will train with." — talk about a catchy tagline! 

Age of Union

Sustainably-produced gear, all profits benefit Age of Union conservation projects. Age of Union is a non-profit environmental alliance that supports changemakers working to protect threatened species and ecosystems. 

Sheacare natural

This company supplies shea butter to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. By the way, their founder shared a video about selling online on their TikTok page.


Meet an independent design company that makes and sells items according to their creative whims, such as snuggle slugs. 

Baby Snack Time

Judy Li is a Taiwanese American writer and designer. Her books address the demand for English Chinese bilingual books in the children's books market, catering to modern families with mixed-heritage children. 

Zealously Handmade

This store of beautiful accessories with custom designs was launched after the business owner Thania went viral on TikTok with her "mystery boxes." She shares her love for crafting and running a small business on her account.  


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