List of tools you can use for digital marketing


No matter what a company does, digital marketing is one of the main channels for it today to attract an audience to the site, gather a community and collect valuable information about potential clients. However, you will agree, this is not an easy job at all, especially if you do everything "on foot".
Tracking and handling all the pieces of this puzzle "by hand" can be really too demanding and take up too much of your time. Fortunately, there are numerous digital marketing tools that make the job drastically easier, and you know the old saying, "Without tools, there's no trade."

Below we have compiled a list of tools that you can use for digital marketing. It is divided by marketing areas:

- Marketing on social networks
- Email marketing automation
- Search Engine Optimization
- Website Analytics
- Work organization

Visual design

Social media marketing tools

There are tons of digital tools that are very helpful for social media marketing. These apps make it easy for us to discover content, manage and schedule posts.

Scheduling posts and publishing them simultaneously on the most popular social networks are the main advantages of this tool. In addition, SkedSocial allows users to automatically schedule Instagram Stories and Carousel posts. In other words, this app will make you forget about the time you used to put weekend and holiday evenings on hold to create posts.

This tool, in addition to allowing you to schedule posts on social networks, has another very interesting functionality. Namely, with its help you can share and recycle your previous "evergreen" posts through an automated process. That way, you won't waste time creating posts about recurring occasions like important dates, reminders about a product or service that's on sale, and so on.

Hootsuite is a platform that allows you to manage your social media content from one integrated dashboard. In addition, this tool allows users to schedule content posts, track keywords they are competing for, get notified when their brand is mentioned, and create clear reports that are very helpful for tracking progress.


The BuzzSumo platform helps you discover content, keywords, and topics that are currently trending on social media that you can leverage for your marketing. In addition, you can use this tool to discover influencers from your industry with whom you can connect and achieve cooperation for mutual satisfaction. 


Email Marketing Automation Tools

Small businesses often forget the power of email marketing and don't use it enough. The reason for this lies in large part in the fear that this work requires too much time. However, there are tools that can make planning and executing email marketing a lot easier.

Campaign Monitor

It is a web application that allows you to record data on an online mailing list and send HTML newsletters to it. Other features include automating the sending of a series of emails, as well as automatically scanning links in your email, flagging any that are broken or out of date.


Many businesses use MailChimp as a comprehensive email marketing automation platform. With this tool, you can create mailing lists, update them, and easily create templates for your emails that will be visually appealing and clear, without the need to know coding.


GetResponse is an application that provides automated responses, audience segmentation, personalization, reporting and analytics. You can also use this platform to create landing pages and forms, as well as automated emails adapted to the different behavior of people on your mailing list. 



SEO tools

SEO, i.e. website optimization for search engines, is a key item for increasing the visibility of your site. In order to achieve the best possible results, you can use the following few tools.

It is a platform for keyword research and information on ranking in search results, search volume and the cost per click of a keyword.
In addition, SEMrush allows you to analyze the competition and optimize your Google ad campaigns. Overall, this is a great tool that effectively helps increase your site's visibility.

Ahrefs is a web crawler that can be used to find weaknesses in your site, examine backlinks, discover keyword rankings, and measure the overall SEO "health" of your site. You can also use this platform to research keywords for Google and YouTube, find content that your audience likes and then get backlinks.

This SEO and data management software helps to increase site traffic, achieve better positions in search results and improve visibility. 
Moz provides a comprehensive set of functionality and with it you can analyze the entire site and get keyword recommendations.

photo: Google Analitics


Analytics tools

Analytics and its analysis are of utmost importance in marketing. It gives us insight into whether our efforts have borne fruit, as well as guidelines for further steps. In this important work, the use of good tools is more than welcome.

Google (Google) tools
Google Analytics is a tool that monitors the traffic on your site and reports it to you. Based on the data you get, you can identify trends and patterns in the way visitors interact with your website, how much time they spend on the page, what their navigation looks like between pages... All this information can then be used to create the necessary changes and site adjustments.

Google Data Studio is a great complement to Google Analytics, as it gives you an overview of the success of your marketing activities. What gives this tool its strength is the ability to combine data from different sources such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook Ads...


This platform tracks individual visitors to your website, allowing you to understand what steps the user has taken. Also, this tool allows you to associate each action on your site with a specific person, even when they use several different devices or browsers. Based on this data, you can further take the necessary steps to increase conversion and remove potential obstacles that hinder site visitors in their user journey.

Design tools

Creating visual content is something without which it is not possible to have a successful digital marketing. However, while creating great visuals required knowing how to work with complicated programs, today there are tools that drastically simplify the whole thing.

This is a graphic design platform that you can use to create visuals for social networks, presentations, website... Canva gives you a wide variety of free templates that you can use, combine, insert different graphic elements that the application itself also offers. Although there is also a paid version of this application, which gives you a significantly larger number of templates and options, and with the basic functionality, which is free, you can do wonders.

Create engaging infographics and reports with this intuitive visualization tool. Infogram provides you with a large number of designed templates with the ability to change colors, fonts and add your own logo.

If you want to combine photos, videos and music, Animoto is the tool you need to create great videos. You can easily use predefined templates by dragging and dropping elements, change fonts and incorporate transitions.


Here we will also mention a free application for mobile phones (there is also a version for computers), which gives you access to advanced functions for editing video materials. With the help of this tool you can quickly and easily create your video using only your mobile phone.


Cover photo: AAF-Orlando 


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